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October 1, 2016
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School / College and Student Management System Features

  1. Multi User Account System
    1. Access for Admin, Teacher, Student and parent
  2. Responsive User Interface
    1. Our school management system will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.
    2. Tab, Mobile and PC compatible
  3. Parent monitor child activity
    1. Parent can monitor all activities of child
    2. Daily Attendance, Homework, exam everything can be monitored.
  4. Multiple child of single parent
    1. Manage multiple child of a single parent.
  5. Class routine schedule
    1. Create and manage class routine
  6. Daily attendance
    1. Class and section wise attendance registration
  7. Class section
    1. Organise classes in multiple sections

School / College and Student Management System Features

  1. Student Fees Management
    1. Manage student fees seamlessly.
    2. You can customize fees structure for your school as you wish.
  2. Homework document
    1. Attach and download study document
    2. Advanced study document attached features
  3. Profile Management System
    1. Edit profile settings as you wish
  4. Exam marks management
    1. Manage exam marks of all students
  5. Chart and graph analysis exam marks
    1. Chart and graph representation of exam marks
  6. Library management
    1. Systematic management of all books
  7. Internal Messaging
    1. Private messaging between admin, teachers, parents and students.
  8. Manual payment
    1. Ability to take manual payment.

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